Baby Ronja

We found Baby Ronja on the 14.02.2020 on a fast road to Tetouan. She was laying next to a trash bin and we almost thought she would be dead.
She was so small and yet in such a bad state. She almost starved to death, was unable to move and dehydrated. And her fur was somehow burnt as if somebody tried to burn her.

Eventhough Baby Ronja had such a bad and dark past, she has processed it well.
She needs some time until she gains trust but after that she is just sweet like sugar.
It’s easy to care for her and she is really frugal. Besides that she is not too active.
She is a girl that never annoys or disturbs anyone.
Baby Ronja is well socialized and gets along with everyone. She is easy going and loves being cuddled.

Do you have a basket or bed you would share with Baby Ronja?
If yes: Please don’t hesitate and contact us!

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