Approximately born: 15.03.2020

Have you ever heard of the quote: “Eyes are the key to the soul”? Well.. look into Fatma’s gentle green eyes and you will see how pure and good of a soul she has. And then look at the rest of her furry body, she is just such a beautiful and special doggy. If she was a human we’re sure she would be a catwalk model.

Our cute little girl has unfortunately been abandoned next to the Refuge street with her sister Trinity. We’re happy to have this little sunshine with us yet it’s just not understandable how heartless people can be. She and her sister were way to young to survive out there so we took both of them in. And we didn’t ever regret it. Fatma enriches our Refuge, she is a casual and relaxed optimistic girl that enjoyes laying in the sun and being free of any sorrows. She is never mean to the other dogs – she would be a great companion if you’ve already got a dog. However she would also love to be alone with HER humans. Last but not least we can say that Fatma definitely has “clown qualities”. She is such a funny dog.

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