When we found Aurora on a raining day on the 4.12.2019 in Al Hamra, she was still a puppy and laying between scrap material without her mother. We’re sure that she has been dumped – no dog mummy would leave her baby in such a place. Aurora’s eye was heavily inflamed and she was a little miserable pile. At first we even tought she was dead.

We took her to the vet as soon as possible – unfortunately we couldn’t save the inflamed eye. She will always be blind on one eye. But that doesn’t hold her from enjoying her life. She is kind to every dog and very compatible. She would be a great buddy if you’ve already got a dog. Aurora is very frugal – so she doesn’t need much to be happy. She is not that active, not an energy bundle and rather quite yet she enjoys being part of what happens.

Do you want to be Aurora’s companion for life and give her the chance to see with her left healthy eye how great and beautiful life can be?

Do you want to help Aurora?

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