Born: 03.11.2019

Bello’s Mama Honey gave birth to her babies in a hedge next to a primary school on the 3.11.2019. Just two days after that she ought to be poisoned. Which would of course also have killed her babies. So we took Mama Honey with all of her two days old babies to our shelter. Unfortunately we came to late for one of her babies. But at least we could save all of the other puppies. All of them were happily raised by their mom in our shelter. And they are even until now with her. All of them are so joyful, healthy, confident and strong.

Bello looks so much like his mother – the face, the body. When he was a little baby he always “sang” after drinking the milk of his mom – that was just so adorable.
Bello doesn’t have it easy since his stronger and wilder brothers exclude him sometimes.
He has a really soft core. Which is why our softie needs a family that is patient and loving with him.

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