„Green  Eyes“

Boris was born in the refuge in January 2021.

Boris and his siblings are the children of Hamra and were born at the refuge. Their mother was rescued from the street in very poor condition. With us, she was able to give birth and raise and socialize her puppies in peace.

Boris is a medium-sized, very handsome young dog who enjoys walking on a leash and playing with other dogs. His best friend is his sister Pina. Boris gets along well with other dogs but was unfortunately bullied by the stronger males in the kennel earlier. He is an active dog who also appreciates his quiet times. Boris, like all his siblings, was well-socialized by his mother, who still lives with him in the kennel. Unfortunately, having been born and raised in the refuge, Boris hasn’t had much chance to experience life outside the hectic refuge environment. He always gets very excited when someone comes into the kennel and jumps around with Pina out of sheer joy. We hope that the handsome Boris, with his green eyes, will soon have the chance to find a wonderful home.

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