Approximately born: 01.01.2019
Rescue date: 23.06.2020

We saw Chichou just by coincidence when driving by with the Refuge bus.
He looked so horrible that we just had to stop in order to help him. His eyes were expressionless, he was tired. He was suffering under parasites, in particular ticks, that were eating him up. His neck was a big open wound because of all those ticks. And as if this wasn’t enough, he was also suffering under mange, which is why he lost lots of his fur. And his claws were so long that they were growing to the inside. However he just wouldn’t let us touch him, which is why we couldn’t directly bring him to the vet. But we visited him more often to gain his trust and could finally take him with us to be able to treat him.

With lots of love, patience and time he turned into a social comrade.
Chichou now loves other dogs and humans. Towards cats he isn’t mean or anything – he just ignores them. Besides that he is loyal. Yet he will need some time and lots of love to enfreeze and develop trust.
When looking at him you can directly notice his dignified body pose. The way he walks and moves is just really proud and confident, which makes him look a bit like a wolf. Our rather big boy is a dog for people that are already confident with dogs and have a bit more experience since our big boy is not a dog for beginners.

Are you interested in our wolfish big boy Chichou? Contact us and we can connect you and your potential buddy for life.

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