Cody has been thrown away next to our refuge by locals when he was just about two months old.
Apparently he was unwanted.

Our little Cody is a really special dog. Whenever he greets us he loves bringing and carrying toys.
You just won’t believe how adorable Cody is.
He is so sociable and fair to every other dog.

Cody is an active young boy who loves adventures, going on walks or hikes and just doing things.
If you’re active (and young) and love having a friend for life who always accompanies you – Cody is THE one for you!
He also loves swimming and we’re sure he’d also enjoy jogging with HIS humans or doing bike tours with you.
However he also enjoys his cuddles and being loved on.
In total he is just a good soul searching for people who discover his potential.

Do you want to be Cody’s soulmate?
Then please do contact us!

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