„Fun Machine“

Ellie was rescued with her sisters in August 2021. 

Ellie and her siblings were left in a cardboard box outside the refuge. They were infested with fleas and still had their eyes closed, they were so young. We thought they won’t make it. Fortunately we were wrong, all of them survived and grew up to beautiful young girls. 

Ellie is a beautiful, young dog. She is the most active one among her four siblings. She is very playful, loves people, and enjoys playing with her siblings and other dogs in her kennel. Ellie is cheerful, lively, and a real joy for anyone looking for a loyal companion for life. She enjoys walks on the leash and knows her name. There is nothing negative to report about Ellie. Overall, she is an incredibly sweet dog with a lot of potential and a lot of action. She would be super great for young children. Ellie is a lot of fun! 

Ellie was likely born in August 2021 and hopes for a wonderful future outside the refuge. Her real life is finally about to begin!

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