Our absolutely handsome snowflake Filos has been rescued from a “puppy dumping place” in summer 2019.
There was a family that was interested in our castrated and full vaccinated cutie but things in their life changed which is why they decided not to adopt him. So there he is. Still waiting for “his” family with which he would love to cuddle on the couch. He is a balanced, loyal and easy- going dog. Our unique guy is rather quite and a little bit shy. But when he knows people he loves to cuddle and kiss them and wrap them around the finger with his cuteness. Besides that our lovely Filos is socialized, loves cats and children.
We’re sure that with your time, love and affection he will turn into a great partner and a real dream – drog.
Are you ready to get to know your dream buddy for life who is desperately waiting for YOU?

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