Gino is a proud and strong parvo survivor! In the summer of 2021, at only a few months old, he and his 3 sibling survived one of the most deadly puppy diseases you can image, the parvovirus. He is both emotionally and physically extremally strong and resilient. Ever since he was a puppy he had the fighting spirit – that he would make it through whatever life threw at him. With all the odds stacked up against him – he made it.

He has grown up to be an extremely loving and endearing character. He can make you feel like you are the only person in the world, like your everything to him! As a small puppy he would sleep in our laps, and loved nothing more than a good nap. He can be quite shy with people he doesn’t know. He was a coronavirus baby – meaning throughout the months of lockdown and with the borders closed in Morocco, he spent all his time and grew up with the same 3 people. He can, therefore, be a bit wary of people he doesn’t know and can keep a distance at the start, taking some time to completely trust. However- he will trust and once he does, you are his everything! He is extremely playful and loves to have belly rubs and play with his kennel mates and siblings. He is extremely sociable with other dogs and loves to have fellow doggy company. He is leash trained. We truly believe that Gino will thrive in a real home, where he can get the attention he so truly deserves and needs.

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