Approximately born: 01.11.2018

Our beloved Honey got rescued as a mother of 10 from Chefchaouen in November 2019. A local Lady called us and told us that she is not welcome where she is anymore and that the people want to get rid of her and her 10 babies. It was a huge step to take 10 dogs at once however it was obvious that she really needed help after one of her puppies died.
Which is why we brought them all to our Refuge and built them a beautiful own kennel. Mama Honey is the best mother we’ve ever seen and everyone in the pack likes her. Honey is a smooth and funny dog. She loves to run and to play and is very social with humans and dogs.
Mama Honey is socialized, likes people, children, cats and other dogs. She’s nice to be around with and ready to travel out soon. Look into her gentle eyes and you will directly fall in love with her.

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