Hugo is originally a street dog from Chefchauen. In October 2021, the authorities in Chefchauen decided to deal with the problem of stray dogs by violently deporting them from Chefchauen to remote locations with no access to food nor water. During a mission in this time to rescue our taggy (TNVT: Tag, Neuter, Vaccinate and Treat) dogs, we came across Hugo and we couldn’t leave them to die. We decided to rescue Hugo and give them a chance at a new life, a forever family and forever home, safe from any harm.

Our handsome Hugo is a lovely great guy. He has such a great soul.
He is that kind of dog that you meet and immediately fall in love with. He is friendly with both humans (also with babies/toddlers) and dogs.
You will never see him annoy anyone else. Instead he will lay quietly by your side, giving you company and love.
He enjoys being pet and is also running after balls like crazy – like a wild young teenager.
Another thing he really enjoys are his walks.
Our special Hugo is approximately around 7 years old and is missing a few teeth (which is only visible when you open his mouth. It doesn’t hinder him from eating normally). But believe me, he’s definitely not an old grumpy senior. Instead he’s a happy man in his best age, willing to be the best friend you’ve ever had.
He could even accompany you to work!

Are you ready to give a special doggo with really soft fur and an amazing character a chance?

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