We found Judy in Al Hamra at the 20.9.2020. She was laying in a busy passage place where you can buy construction material. In a place where only men are on the street, the air is thick, dirty and whirled up by all the cars. Besides that this place is also overpupulated with stray dogs.
Judy was full of mange and was and still is suffering under sticker sarcoma. She will have chemotherapy soon. This will give her the chance to live a happy and healthy life. Without dangerous cars and with love and food.
We also think that she never really had contact with humans. We aren’t yet allowed to give her a shower or to stroke her – it’s still a long way to go.
But we will make it.
And some day she will hopefully have her own family, her own home and her own sofa to enjoy her life and forget the past.

Are you with our white baby girl?

Do you want to help Judy?

This dog is searching for a home.
This dog is still searching for a monthly sponsor.