We found Kena and her sister Sara in Al Hamra – a place of transit that is just not a good place for two vulnerable puppies. Yet they weren’t only living in a dangerous place but Sara was also sick. She was suffering mange. Due to that she had open wounds that were infected. First we left her where she was and treated her for two weeks but then we took her and her sister at the end of January 2020 with us. Kena wasn’t sick but we just couldn’t seperate those loving sisters, since Sara was everything Kena had in her little world.

Do you know the story behind Kena’s name?
When we saw her in Al Hamra, Kena directly reminded us of our shelter dog Kenai because she was looking exactly like him. Yet she was a girl. So we kind of joked and named her Kena. And when we decided to take her into our shelter we were just so used to her being Kena that we didn’t ever change it.

When we got to know Kena she didn’t even let us touch her. That has changed a lot. Now she is still rather shy but she enfreezes pretty fast and then turns into a happy energy bundle.
Kena is smaller than her sister and rather stocky build.
Her face always looks a bit wrinkled and sleepy like she would have just waken up.
Another fact about Kena: She absolutely loves food.
Unfortunately – like her sister – she also sometimes gets suppressed by the other dogs in the kennel. That happens because of her rather submissive character. Due to that we think that she would be way more confident and happy in an own family and home.

Do you want to wake up every morning next to Kena’s cute wrinkled sleepy face and build up a strong connection with her?
Then please don’t hesitate and contact us.

Do you want to help Kena?

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