Mama Hope

Mama Hope female – born
Mama Hope was found in September 2019 near Qued Lao. We took her from her owners who kept her on a short leash outside. Her leg was broken once and since that she hobbles around but luckily she’s not in pain. Mama Hope is probably the most gentle, caring and calm dog we’ve ever got to know and we wish her the best home, even she’s not the most active and “happy” looking dog. Mama enjoys being on the sofa, watching TV, having her walks and cuddles.
She’s socialized, likes people, other dogs, cats and children. She is such an uncomplicated great dog. Do you want to give our Mama a chance?

Mama Hope’s way of walking has improved a lot and it is definitely not holding her back by any means.
Unfortunately our Mama has been diagnosed with sticker sarcoma.
This is a type of cancer that has really good healing chances – so Mama Hope will most likely recover perfectly from that.
Her chemotherapy has also already started and she is a really strong lady. She is a bit tired and besides that she is our normal cute Mama.
We’re looking forward to a successful treatment!

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