Approximately born: 01.01.2020
Rescue date: 27.06.2020

We got to know Mira in Qued Lao on a parking spot. She kind of almost ran into our arms and was longing for cuddles. Unfortunately dogs that are as trusting as she is, are the ones that get kicked by humans most of the time.
Mira was suffering under mange and had almost lost all of her fur. When we saw a waiter kicking Mira away like a football it just broke our heart and so we took her with us.
How can people be so rageous and aggressive towards living and feeling creatures?

Despite all of her negative experiences Mira is still such a sociable and adorable dog lady. When playing with other dogs our Mira – girl is a bit wild and energetic. But she is still a good socialized dog and everyone of the dogs likes her.
She is a brave young girl and also really curious. She loves exploring the world.
And as if all of her positive character traits weren’t enough she is also really pretty. When you look into Mira’s gentle green eyes you cannot help yourself but fall in love with her. And if her eyes aren’t enough to make you fall in love, look at her gorgeous red – brown fur.
Additionally she is also good with kids.

Do you want to be Mira’s companion into a new life where there is no violence?

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