Oma Helga

Helga was rescued by an organisation in Tetouan which found her laying between garbage and half dead. They then brought our granny Helga to us.

Helga was really weak and sick. But time passed and she fought her way back to life and is now as healthy as ever. Yet her two hindlegs will always be paralyed.
Our granny really dislikes cats – so her future family should respect that.
Yet grandma Helga loves dog puppies. She is like a grandma for our little doggies.
And concerning adult dogs: At first she isn’t interested in contact to other female or male dogs and tries to defend herself but once she notices that the other one is benevolent towards her she befriends with them.
Helga with her dreamy eyes loves cuddling and being brushed or bathed.
She is really kind and a strong lady.
Eventhough she isn’t a young grasshopper anymore she is still pretty fit compared to her age.
And she is quite a character. You don’t meet a dog like her twice in your life.

Her forever family needs to have knowledge about disabled wheelchair dogs and needs to be able to meet her special needs. And of course they shouldn’t have cats – as mentioned above.
A disabled dog obviously needs more time and attention than a “healthy” dog but it’s still so much worth it!

Do you want to fulfill granny Helga’s special needs and learn from her how to be happy even with a handicap? Do you want to enable her a great last chapter of her life?
Please contact us. We would also love to give you more information about Helga’s special needs.

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