Approximately born: 01.07.2019

We found Pepe at night in Chefchaouen. Because it was dark we couldn’t exactly see what was wrong with him – we just saw that his paw looked weird and that he couldn’t properly walk. At day light we then could see that his paw was completely destroyed. He must have had immense pain. Maybe someone drove over his paw or something like that.
At the vet his leg had to be amputated.
Due to that he now only has three legs. But that doesn’t matter – as long as he doesn’t suffer under pain anymore.

Now he has fully recovered and gets along with his disability.
He is a happy, optimistic and now also healthy dog. Whenever he wants to greet us, he sings and is dancing out of joy.
Pepe is not only compatible with dogs but also with cats. He is well socialized and too cute. He finds his way into the hearts of people.

If you can overlook his disability and know that the character is way more important than the outward appearance, contact us.
We would be so unbelievable happy for Pepe, because he has earned it after all of his pain.

Do you want to help Pepe?

This dog is searching for a home.
This dog is still searching for a monthly sponsor.