Like many of our dogs’ stories – Kawaii’s story started out of pure luck in the summer of 2021. One of the workers at the refuge saw 2 small boys with a plastic bag on the way to the river. After asking what was inside of this bag, they revealed 5 small puppies squeezed in the bag, only a month old. The boys then proceeded to detail what they were planning to do to these puppies: drown them in the river. Out of pure luck we bumped into these boys and managed to save these poor puppies lives.

Kawaii has since grown up in the refuge and become the most beautiful of girls. She was always more reserved than her siblings. She always loved people- but was never going to push herself to the front of the crowd. She is extremely humble, polite, kind and loving. She loves her big brother Kalle, and sister Helga. They are a team together!

She is a complete explorer and is always doing funny things to make the team laugh. You can’t not smile in her presence! She exudes an aura of positivity and kindness. She loves to chill, and sleeping is definitely a favourite past time (in your lap= even better!)

We know that Kawaii will be the perfect edition to any family – will it be yours?

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