“Our Smiley Girl”

Kawai was rescued in September 2021

Kawai was abandoned with her siblings in front of the refuge. They were likely unwanted. We are glad they were brought to us, preventing anything worse from happening.

Kawai is a confident young dog who gets along well with other dogs. She causes no issues at the refuge, and volunteers quickly warm up to her. As a puppy, Kawai had huge ears, which made for a funny sight back then. She was also the bravest and most open of her siblings, loving people of all kinds. She enjoys walking on a leash and is active but also appreciates her quiet moments, overall being a relaxed dog. For us, she’s a dream dog, and we hope someone falls in love with this young lady.

Kawai was born sometime in July 2021, and we don’t understand why she’s still waiting at the refuge. Her brother Kalle has already been adopted, and Kawai hopes so much to find a great home too.

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