Rescue date: 03.12.2020

Rambo was rescued in a miserable condition from the streets in Oued Laou. He suffered mange, eye infections and is suffering now Leishmaniasis.
Rambo is an elderly dog who have lived his whole life on the streets and suffered more than he actually lived. His nightmare came to an end when we brought him to the vet and to the Refuge. He’s actually on Leishmaniasis medication and is improving. He is very lovely with people and likes other dogs (males after sympathycheck). He loves sleeping, cuddles and watching his environment peacefully. We are searching for a home in Europe which would give him a bed and a lot of cuddles. That’s all that Rambo needs besides his medication (Allopurinol).

If you decide to give Rambo a beautiful retirement, we would pay for his travel and flight costs to support him. Rambo deserves this chance after all he’s been through.

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