Approximately born: 01.09.2009
Rescue date: 30.06.2020

René is our “refuge grandpa”. We rescued him in a really bad state. We was full of parasites, weak and just not able to enjoy his life.
He has also lost his tail – maybe in an accident. But we obviously don’t know. René is also incontinent.
Now our grandpa has recovered and his appearance has changed.
His eyes seem to be more open, welcoming and trusting.
René also seems to enjoy his life more. He is thankful for the security, love and food that we offer him.

However our grandpa is too old to travel to a furever family. We anticipate that the journey and being in a car/ airplane for such a long time would be too much stress for him.
Yet you can still send us some money to support our grandpa even more.
We would definitely appreciate that.

Do you want to help René?

This dog cannot be adopted.
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