Rescue date: 09.03.2020

Rosco has been found wandering around alone in our little village. He also had a really bad open wound on his left leg.
That’s why we just had to take him in. We treated his injury and are really happy that he was able to keep his leg! The wound is now completely healed and only a small scar remained – but this little flaw makes our funny boy even more special. And nobody is perfect, right?
Rosco has now fully recovered and is a healthy and strong furry friend.

When you first see Rosco with his wonderful fur he will remind you of a little fox.
Besides that our little fox isn’t too big or too heavy.
Another fact about our funny boy: To greet us, Rosco loves squeaking and singing out of joy.
He is also nice to everyone and just a good guy.
Rosco is really lively – like a small whirlwind. He is also well socialized and cuddly.
He is a loyal companion for life.

Do you want to be the one Rosco sings and squeaks to out of joy?
After all of his pain Rosco has really earned to finally come home.

Do you want to help Rosco?

This dog is searching for a home.
This dog is still searching for a monthly sponsor.