We found Sara and her sister Kena in Al Hamra – a place of transit that is just not a good place for two vulnerable puppies. Yet they weren’t only living in a dangerous place but Sara was also sick. She was suffering mange. Due to that she had open wounds that were infected. First we left her where she was and treated her for two weeks but then we took her and her sister at the end of January 2020 with us. Kena wasn’t sick but we just couldn’t seperate those loving sisters, since Sara was everything Kena had in her little world.

Sara needs a whole lot of affection and attention. She loves humans. Her biggest hobby is cuddling, being hugged, kissed and sucking in looots of love. Besides that she is blithely and a happy nature.
She is a really kind dog and definitely not exhausting. Unfortunately she gets sometimes suppressed by the other dogs in the kennel. Which is why she is urgently searching for a home in which she can be herself and in which she can warm the hearts and beds of her humans.

Maybe you want to give our sweetie Sara a loving home in which she can suck in all the affection that she didn’t get in the first chapter of her life?

Do you want to help Sara?

This dog is searching for a home.
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