Tweek was brought to us by his Moroccan owner. He asked us for help. Little Tweekie was in a terrible state. He was screaming and cramping all the time. It was heart breaking to see this little puppy suffer so horribly. So we kept him with us in order to end his suffering.
The vet determined that our little boy is cramping due to epilepsy which has probably been caused by a brain trauma.
So we decided to keep him in our Refuge to be able to meet his special needs, his owner also thought that it would be better like this.

Tweek gets along pretty well with his disability. However he will always need helping medication.
Besides his medication he also needs patience and affection.
But his epilepsy of course doesn’t make him less great.
He is nevertheless brave and cuddly. He appreciates every hug and kiss that he gets and is a thankful tousled little boy.
Tweek is also our Refuge – clown. He enlightens dark days and gives us so much joy.
Worth mentioning is also that our Tweekie gets along with everyone so well – especially with cats.

He would appreciate it so much to be part of your family, have his own basket and make you laugh. Can you overlook Tweek’s disability and see how special our little boy is?

Do you want to help Tweek?

This dog can not be adopted.
This dog found a sponsor.