Understand why the Beldis are suffering

Strays in Morocco

The dogs in our Refuge all have a past. Before they came to us they were Beldis.
They have been abandoned, abused and suffered hunger and pain.
Beldi is a term for a typically moroccan mixed stray dog. There is a difference between the strays in the city and the strays on the landside.
The strays in the city live a frantic life. They are scared all the time not to get hit by cars and big trucks…and humans. A lot of them are desperate for a home, they are surrounded by humans all the time, yet they are not accepted by most of the people in society. On the other hand almost every household on the landside or in the mountains has a dog. They are allowed to stay around the house in order to protect or to help out with the livestock.
Still they don’t receive any attachment, medical treatment or vaccinations and their puppies get dumped most of the time – as if they were unworthy trash.
They don’t receive the necessary love and attention for the good job they do.

In the Rif Mountains where our refuge is located there is a huge amount of wild and abandoned dogs, that were able to survive,  You see them most of the time in the nights, near campingsides, trashbins and properties searching for food. It’s a sad life for the strays of morocco.
The strays in the villages and the streets get constantly killed with cheap rat poison or gunshots. Poisoning will most likely end up being lethal.
Poisoning these strays is a huge mistake since they normally keep the very sick dogs from the mountains away.
There are still dogs who suffer and die on Rabies, Leishmaniosis, Hepatitis, hunger and many other diseases, some are very dangerous for humans as well.
Almost all of these painful moments and deaths can to be prevented and stopped. That’s why we are here. To do everything we possibly can in order to help.



Founder of the Beldi Refuge.


Down below you can see a view pictures of Moroccan beldis. So that you don’t only hear about their situation but that you can also see it with your own eyes.