A Home for the Beldis in the Rif Mountains

The Beldi Refuge is a dog rescue and a home for stray dogs where they can recover.

What we do



How you can help

Each and every one of our furry friends is searching for a loving family in their first and hopefully last fureverhome. Enrich your life with a little Moroccan and you won’t regret it. #Adoptdontshop


Unfortunately money rules the world. So even if we foster as many animals as we possibly can, we cannot just feed them with our love. And our love can also not protect them against deseases or parasites. We’re thankful for every little bit. Every cent counts. 

You fell in love with an animal of our refuge yet you aren’t able to adopt them? You can sponsor your little furry soulmate and make sure he is fed and vaccined.

We search desperately for a Charity Organisation or a NGO who supports us

Since we only depend on kindly donaters we have to fear for our existence every month although our work is so important and necessary in a country where animal welfare is still in its infancy. If you can help us with your Organisation or NGO we would be thankfull to work and cooperate with you.

You don’t necessarily need money to support us. There’s nothing more valuable than people helping us with their bare hands. So if you appreciate what we do and want to enable us to keep going, join our team of animal lovers.

When you think about helping us sharing our posts and website might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. Yet it is absolutely valuable. More reach means more donations and therefore more rescued and fed animals.

Help us with pet items

You cannot afford donating money but you’re still willing to help? You can send us your old used pet items. They are still as worthy as gold for our rescues.