Our loved babies in their forever homes

Lucky ones that found a furever home

On this page we want to honor our ex- kennel members that have already found a loving family and a furever home. Everyone of our doggys has contributed in making the Beldi Refuge the place that it is now. Therefore we keep thinking of them eventhough they aren’t with us in Morocco anymore. If you have already adopted a little beldi from us or plan on doing so please always send us news and pictures – we’re happy to stay in contact and get informed about how our little darling is doing.

The pictures below will first represent the dogs while they have been living in our refuge. After that you can have a look at them in their furever homes after they have finally found a family.

Last but not least there’s one thing left to say: We appreciate it so much that you have decided to adopt a wonderful beldi and that you are willing to give him what he earns so much – comfort, time and most importantly: love. Please help other people to understand how important it is to adopt dogs instead of “shopping for breeded dogs”. There are so many dogs that are still waiting for a home. Together we can make a change.

Beppo ~ Netherlands

Alia ~ Germany

Sitka ~ Germany

Bebe (3 legged) ~ UK

Chaouen ~ France

Sakura ~ Germany

Jenny ~ Portugal

Mia (paralized) ~ Netherlands

Mira ~ Switzerland

Ivar (3 legged) ~ France

Aurora ~ Germany

Lucky (3 legged) ~ UK

Leeni ~ France

Kenai ~ Germany

Punto ~ UK

Fluffy ~ Germany

Bruno ~ Canada

Basti ~ Belgium

Merlin ~ UK

Ronja ~ Germany

Ian (paralized) ~ Spain

Alex (paralized) ~ Spain

Hank ~ Spain

Pia ~ Canada

Gloria ~ Canada

Trinity ~ UK

Tweek ~ USA

Franzi ~ UK

Yara ~ France

Emmy (3 legged) ~ Belgium

Foxy ~ UK

Pancho ~ UK

Rumi ~ Germany

Miro ~ Germany

Caramella (paralized) ~ Spain

Stella (paralized) ~ Spain

Roxy ~ Germany

Alya ~ USA

Mimi ~ Germany

Floh ~ Germany