Our Dogs

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Our dogs

Each and every one of our dog has his or her own story. Either they were born on the street or thrown away by humans. No matter what happened to them we treat all of them equally and show them what love means. It’s so interesting how they all have different character traits yet they are still all so lovely. Our dream would be to find a furever home for each and every one of them because that’s what they earn. Everyone of them should be able to spend quality time with a loving family.

Before a dog can leave our refuge we take care of all the formalities. Which means that every dog that flies to his or her furever home will be chipped, vaccinated and get a vaccination certificate. Every adult dog that we have is most certainly castrated. Besides that we will set up a protection contract in order to make sure that nothing happens to our little doggy. If you are from a country that is part of the EU there are higher standards and there is a certain waiting period. But that won’t be a problem. If you have questions just ask us and we will help you.

Our dogs are socialized, they have experienced leashes and know their names. Some of them are also already used to cats. Most of them are housebroken. For us it’s really important to show them from day one of their arrival that contact to humans is desirable and positive. Since we are living together with them we know their character traits and can give you an exact description of how the dog is like.

Sidenote: We do rehome to Europe, UK, Canada, Morocco and so on. Only the USA is problematic but we might also be able to find a solution if you have really fallen in love with one of our dogs.

If you’ve fallen in love with one of our dogs please contact adoption@beldi-refuge.org.


It’s not complicated to adopt a dog of our refuge. We basically take care of all the necessary steps and you just have to pay the money and lean back. Soon you will have an adorable new family member that will love to be with you. Yet you still have to remember that dogs aren’t clothes. You don’t just buy them. It’s a big decision that really has to be thought through.