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A refuge has so many running bills. It’s crazy. You can’t even imagine it. Dog food, constant medicine costs and vet bills, costs of materials like fences for the dogs and dog houses, the rent of our property, operating costs, maintenance costs of the refuge car,  accommodation and supply of the volunteers and much more. Please help us. With more money we can rescue more dogs and save more lives. We can generally do so much more like feeding strays that live on the street and we can castrate more dogs. We would love to change so much in Morocco but without money we just can’t. We rely 100% on your help. Every cent that you send us improves our situation and gives us more possibilites. If you have any questions you can directly contact us.


Be a monthly Sponsor

Our dogs need monthly food sponsors so badly. A monthly sponsorship ensures a full tummy of your little friend. Pick a dog of our dog section that is still searching for a sponsor and.. start sponsoring. We’re so thankful for every sponsorship and most importantly: Our dogs will thank you even more. The price for a monthly food sponsorship is 25€ per month. Another option is being a vaccination sponsor. You pay 25€ once and one dog can be vaccinated for that price. We can even vaccine stray dogs that are living on the street thanks to your money.


Teaming is such a great way to support us! If you click at the link below you will see how it works. It’s really easy. The idea behind teaming is so great: If many people only pay 1€ we will be able to collect a lot. And then we can change a lot for the dogs. Be a part of our teaming community and feel free to share our teaming link.

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If you want to you can share our instagram and facebook posts. That leads to more reach. And more reach means more donations. Do you know what that means? More help and a better future for the strays in Morocco.