On the 08.09.2021 a new rescue arrived in the refuge.
A little stray dog from our village was found by a volunteer.
This volunteer came all the way from the village, carrying the little girl in a wheelbarrow, only so that we could help her.
The volunteer was told that the stray got hit by a car and shortly afterwards someone tried to kill her by smashing a rock to her head…to “release” her. We named the stray dog after the brave girl who found her, AISHA ๐Ÿงก
The vet found out that Aisha had two broken legs. She therefore had to undergo surgery with only 5 months of age.
The surgery went well however the nerve in her front leg is crushed. That means Aisha can’t use her right front leg anymore. We didn’t amputate the leg since she has no pain and also uses her leg for help and security.

Do you want to help Aisha?

This dog is searching for a home.
This dog is still searching for a monthly sponsor.