„Please Don’t Hurt Me“

Comes was rescued in October 2021. 

Coney was one of the many dogs who was rescued from a mass killing in Chefchaouen. Fortunately, we were able to free Coney from the truck if the dog catcher in time and he escaped a terrible fate. Unfortunately, this event has made it difficult for Coney to trust people but there is hope. 

Coney hasn’t experienced much kindness in his previous life, making it hard for him to trust and open up to people. Prolonged eye contact makes him fearful, leading to barking or withdrawal. It pains us to see Coney this way, but a few of us can give him pets, which gives us hope. He longs so much for someone to love him, but trusting is a struggle for Coney. Too much has happened. You can see Coney’s pain in his melancholic eyes. We hope Coney gets a chance; with dog-experienced and patient people, he could become the most loyal dog one could wish for.

Coney was likely born in November 2020, and we hope that one day, someone will step forward who wants and can help Coney. He deserves a chance so much.

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