Rescue date: 17.03.2021

Dino was originally a street dog from Chefchauen. We received a call from caring locals about a dog that had been covered in pouring hot tar and was suffering. When we got to Dino, we found him almost hairless from the burning, as well as suffering from severe scabies. We dread to imagine the pain he was in.
Since, he was unfortunately diagnosed with leishmaniasis. However, his hair has now fully grown back and despite his diagnosis, he is a normal and happy dog! He is now looking for his forever home, for people who will love him!
When Dino first came to us he was very sick and spent a lot of time sleeping and kept to himself. As his condition improved, so did his attitude and energy for life. For a dog who has been through so much- you would never know. He’s a happy, playful and joyful dog to be around. He loves playing, cuddling and giving you love- just being close to you is enough for our Dino. He loves everyone he meets and gets on with female dogs very much. His brother, Tino, was rescued from the streets a year later and the brothers were very happy to be reunited. They now live together.

After everything Dino has been through- he deserves nothing more than a home of his own, and people of his own. Can that be you?

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