Measurement floor to shoulder: 52 cm

Rescue date: 23/07/2021

Dolly- our ‘Dolly Doll’- is an absolute angel and would make the best, relaxed, cuddly companion.
She was originally found by locals in Oued Lou with an open fracture on her left hind leg. They contacted us and we went to the scene to help her. When we arrived, we were faced with a challenging situation due to how defensive she was. However (after some time!) we managed to safely catch her and take her to the vet. After being checked, it became clear that Dolly would not be able to use her back leg again and the most humane thing to do would be to amputate it.

Therefore, Dolly is a 3 legged dog! At first, it took her some time to adjust to only having 3 legs- but now, she is fully comfortable and enjoys walking on a leash and exploring. While it took some time for her to get used to having 3 legs, it didn’t take her much time to get used to (and love!) people. Dolly is never more content than when she is wrapped up in the arms of a human, getting all the attention she rightly deserves! But you must not forget- the comfiest of beds to sleep in! The more blankets and pillows the better, says our Dolly Doll. How could you say no to that cute face and big wide eyes? She is extremely sociable with both people and other dogs, it’s crazy that the Dolly we found in Oued Lou is the same dolly we now have in our refuge! She can live with other dogs and enjoys other dogs company.

Dolly loves smiling at people to charm them, and it definitely works! Dolly would adjust very easily to any family life- she would be great with children, but also make an older person a great companion. Cats and other pets would also be fine for our Dolly Doll- she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body- literally! If you are looking for a relaxed, friendly, loyal and beautiful doggy companion then Dolly Doll is the match for you!

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