Falih is a former stray dog. We found him in a horrible condition. He was dragging one of his hindlegs along. We directly knew that he must be in extreme pain. So we opened our refuge doors for him to give him the chance to heal as much as he possibly can and to support this poor little doggo.
Shortly after rescuing him our vet found out that his hip and spine were broken – so he operated Falih in order to fix his hip fracture.

Right now Falih is in the process of healing. His spine will always be broken. But due to the fact that his spine fracture is close to his tail, he will be able to walk. He will probably limp for the rest of his life, but: What is limping compared to not being able to properly walk at all?

Anyways: We will never stop hoping that there is a person out there that has a big heart and overlooks his flaws and rather concentrates on Falih’s good and pure soul and on his gentle eyes and still considers giving him a home.
Falih earns it as much as every other dog if not even more after all the suffering he had to go through.
Do you want to give our unlucky fellow Falih the chance to get luckier than ever before with you on his side?

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