Ferdi’s mum Zina ought to be poisoned in Chefchaouen. We couldn’t let that happen so we rescued Zina as a pregnant dog. And that’s how Ferdi’s and his sister Anna’s life started. They were born on the 9.12.2019 in our refuge alongside with their other sibblings – who unfortunately didn’t make it. No wonder after all the stress and even injuries their mother had.

However Ferdi and Anna were the strongest of Zina’s babies – which is why they made it. And they were kind of “super babies” and always pretty well fed because they had their mother’s milk all for themselves.

Our shepherd mix Ferdi is more confident than his sister and also wilder than she is. Ferdi also looks like his mother. He is open for new things and he absolutely loves humans.
Another thing he likes is playing with the other dogs and being friends with everyone around him. Our little joyball is definitely as socialized as a dog can be! Besides that our adorable buddy loves swimming in water and taking a cooling bath. Sometimes he can also be a little clown.

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