„The Most Loyal Soul“

Hamra was rescued in December 2020. 

We discovered Hamra on the street. She was suffering from mange and was heavily pregnant. She was just sitting in the rain, hoping for help. People kicked her or threw stones at her. We took Hamra in, and she was able to recover in peace and give birth to her puppies.

Hamra is a very loyal dog. Once she has taken someone into her heart, she would give her life for that person. She was also a true lioness of a mother, taking great care of her puppies, who are now all grown up. Hamra is the leader in her kennel, ruling with a firm and fair hand. She enjoys playing with other dogs and walks well on a leash. Hamra likes to look to her caretaker for guidance. She only barks at unfamiliar men at first, but this quickly subsides once she senses their goodwill – who could blame her? However, she ignores them on the street. We think Hamra is a great lead dog who deserves a wonderful home!

Hamra was probably born in January 2020 and has been waiting for her soulmate ever since. We can easily imagine Hamra being great with small children!

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