Like many of our dogs’ stories – Helga’s story started out of pure luck in the summer of 2021. One of the workers at the refuge saw 2 small boys with a plastic bag on the way to the river. After asking what was inside of this bag, they revealed 5 small puppies only a month old. The boys then proceeded to detail what they were planning to do to these puppies: drown them in the river. Out of pure luck we bumped into these boys and managed to save these poor puppies lives.

Helga is one of the cutest dogs you will ever meet! She is extremely humble and kind with both people and other dogs. She can sometimes be a bit shy when you first meet her- tending to hide behind her kennel mates as she doesn’t want to push herself to the front of the crowd or take the spotlight. That being said – when she is the spotlight, she LOVES it! She just needs someone to see her for how brilliant she really is and bring her bright and bubbly personality to the forefront. She is leash trained and loves to have big hikes through the mountains and a splash by the river. She loves to have big cuddles, kisses, and a comfy spot to take her much needed naps.

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