Ketama first came to us with his owner after suffering from a hunting accident whereby he broke his leg. His owner (who used him to hunt rabbits and other small animals) asked us for help to get him the health care he needed, and then nurse him back to health again. Undenounced to us- his owner stopped responding to us after his surgery and never came back to collect poor Ketama- in effect abandoned him. We named him after a village very close to us in the north of Morocco- Ketama.

While Ketama did used to have an owner – he never slept inside or had a bed to call his own. He had one purpose to his previous owner: hunting. When his leg didn’t heal as quickly as was convenient to the owner – he was of no further use anymore.

Ketama, luckily, managed to settle quite quickly into refuge life. He is an extremely loving and passive dog. Cuddles are one of his favourite things- along with having a good nap curled up in a ball! He isn’t an overly active dog- but loves a long walk through the mountains and down by the stream.

Ketama deserves the chance to be a normal dog – loved, appreciated and valued for who he is and not what he can do.

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