Lou’s story started as a painful and tragic one. After his paw was run over by a car; Lou was alone, scared and in an indescribable amount of pain. Luckily – we were informed by locals that a puppy had a serious injury and needed urgent help. Lou’s paw and bottom part of his front leg was completely destroyed. There was no choice – he needed an amputation. He was only 3/4 months old at this time, November 2021.

Lou picked up walking on 3 legs almost immediately, and it was impossible to tell what an ordeal he had endured- he was so full of life! He is still bursting at the seams with energy and appreciation. When he isn’t running around playing with his friends, he loves to curl up under the fire on a comfortable bed. Lou is an extremely sociable dog and gets on with all people he meets, as well as most dogs – it is really quite remarkable. Human companionship is an essential for our Lou. He is simply a happy and playful dog. He loves to play with ropes, other dogs, and will run and fetch a ball every time you throw it!

Lou is leash trained, and can live with other dogs. Can Lou be your 3-legged best friend?

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