„The Cutest Girl In This World“

Luna was rescued in may 2021. 

One day, someone called us for help for two puppies who were both victims of an act of violence. Luna and Oscar who were living on the streets of Chefchaouen, were kicked by a resident, both suffering broken hips at only 3 months old. Thankfully, their fractures have healed well, leaving behind „only“ a fear of humans.

Luna is one of the most cutest dog in the refuge. But Luna has a problem—she is shy and fearful, both towards people and new dogs. Luna is very sensitive and spends a lot of time alone in her doghouse, which saddens us deeply. The hectic daily life at the shelter doesn’t allow Luna to improve, which is why a loving and secure home would be her salvation. For example – she loves Leeny , trusts her and enjoys the protection and closeness she gets from her. Luna is a smaller medium-sized dog. Luna gets along well with other dogs; very dominant dogs make Luna even more timid. Luna is more afraid of men than of women, which is why a woman would make a great first caregiver for her.

Luna was born sometime in February 2021, and we wish that Luna gets a chance to finally thaw out and settle down. She deserves it so much.

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