Approximately born: 01.04.2020

Murphy’s mummy was tied up on a tree close to our Refuge. Murphy and all of her siblings were with their mother.
We didn’t plan on taking Murphy’s mom and all of her kids in because it would just have been too much. But then Murphy’s mom died – which didn’t leave us a choice. They were too young to survive on the streets. Besides that they already had mange and were dehydrated and malnourished.
So we took all of the puppies in and nursed and treated them.

Murphy was the tiniest and weakest one of the siblings. She almost didn’t make it. But she fought. And there she is.
She is an optimistic cute little girl. If she was a human she would be always smiling and laughing.
Murphy loves humans and trusts them. Sometimes she is a bit shy but after a time she enfreezes and gets more confident.
She is a bit submissive which is why she sometimes gets suppressed by the other dogs.
That’s why a loving family would make her really happy.
Murphy grew up in our pack and will therefore be very well socialized and compatible with every dog.
She won’t be as traumatized as some stray dogs are because he spends a sorrow free childhood in our shelter.
We’re sure she would also be a great companion if you’ve already got one dog.

Sadly our cute girl has been diagnosed with leishmaniasis.

Do you want to be the one Murphy can rely on?
Please contact us and we will organize everything and make it happen.

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