Olive was originally a taggy dog (TNVT) living on the street. She caught sticker sarcoma cancer and she came to live in the refuge so she could get chemo.
She was so so strong that she beat her cancer and made it through the chemo.
She lost a lot of weight in this time but she was a fighter and has fully recovered. Now she’s just waiting patiently for her forever home.

Our cute little Olive is a really playful dog. She gets on really well with other dogs in a refuge setting and on the street. She can be really chill and loves a comfortable bed and a warm fire.
She’s a really friendly dog with people, has a great mix between chill and playful. She loves cuddles, love and attention. When she first came she was really shy, but her time with people has grown her trust massively and she’s so sociable now.

Measurement paw to head: 59cm

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