Rescue date: 06.09.2020

Princess is a cute former stray lady from the road to Akchour in the mountains in our village. She lived in front of a hotel with four big male dogs. Yet she wasn’t happy there. She is a vulnerable little girl and definitely not made for the rough streets of Morocco.
Princess has a very sensitive skin and only one teat. Which is why we took her in on the 6.9.2020. Or let’s say the truth: She ran all the way from her territory to us and begged on our doors to take her in. So she kind of rescued herself.

Our little princess girl loooves humans and is an elegant little lady.
By the way: Did you notice the cute little red spot in her face? This “special feature” makes her even more unique.

Sadly our cute girl has been diagnosed with leishmaniasis.

Do you want to give her the throne and crown so that she is able to be the princess she would love to be?
On the pictures down below you can see our highness reigning her empire.
But she would love it even more to reign your bed and cuddle you to sleep.

Do you want to help Princess?

This dog is searching for a home.
This dog is still searching for a monthly sponsor.