Approximately born: 15.08.2019

Wooow here comes ginger tornado girl Warha.
The funny orange girl was dumped in November 2019 in front of our Refuge door with her sister Nala.

She loves big adventures. In fact: If there was a word to sum her up it would be “adventurous”. She has a fig tree in her kennel and doesn’t stop eating figs. She is the only one eating them.
Warha is a loyal girl and really, really friendly. She enjoys attention and cuddles a lot. She lives in a big kennel with lots of other dogs and gets along with all the other ones pretty well.
She is a young, fit and active dog. She would enjoy hours long walks, hikes and maybe even enjoy swimming.

Our orange lady is a strong female dog. She is socialized, likes people, dog and children.
Will you be the first home she ever had?

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